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Tuesday, 2020-06-02, 4:40 PM

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Donate! And help keep the server running!

Welcome to the L2Nothing Special donation thread. Here you can learn how to donate and what "rewards" we offer for donating.


100% of your donations go towards the server, whether it be the server computer, web host, advertising or forum software. ALL of the money is used on the server, we make NO profit! We appreciate any donation, no donation is too small. We give gifts in terms of in game items or services as our appreciation for your help. Remember your donation is a voluntary one-way contribution and you are not purchasing anything. We cannot refund your donation under any circumstances, however, if the server were to wipe or in the unlikely circumstance that the database crashes, all your donation gifts are logged and will be reimbursed to you. The act of donating is not necessary to play on our servers or to be competitive.



1) Donators will NOT receive any special treatment. If you break the rules, you will punished like any other player! Prejudice towards donators and non-donators alike will not be tolerated.

2) If you loose any of your donated items via karma or you trade them to someone else then we cannot reimburse you.


How to donate

Please state the following information:

Paypal email:
Donation amount($):
Character name:
Desired Reward(s):


Reward List:

Please note that our prices are in Euros (EUR)

+20 Items:

1 Weapon +18: EUR 50
You will receive a weapon of your choice (as long as it is available in the GM shop) pre-enchanted to +18.

1 Individual Armour Piece +12: EUR 15
You will receive a piece of Armour of your choice (as long as it is available in the GM shop) pre-enchanted to +12.

Full Armour +12: EUR 70
(Helmet 12+, Gloves 12+, Upper part 12+, Lower part 12+, and Boots 12+)

1 Tattoo +12: EUR 25
You will receive tattoo pre-enchanted to +12.

1 Individual Raid Boss Jewel +12: EUR 20
You will receive a Raid Boss jewel of your choice, pre-enchanted to +12.

Raid Boss Jewelery Full Set +12: EUR 80
You will receive 5 Raid Boss jewels, each pre-enchanted to +12.

Clan related:

Clan Level 8: EUR 50
Your clan level will be increased to level 8 and you will receive 100,000 clan reputation points and all clan skills will be active.

50k Clan Reputation Points: EUR 25
Your clan will be given 50k reputation points to use on clan skills and Royal Guards/Knights etc.

Character related:

Character name: EUR 20
Your character's name will be changed to a name of your choice that is not already taken.

1 Character Level 80: EUR 10
Your character will be leveled to level 80 and you will receive all your skills and 1 Billion adena.

Main Class Change: EUR 20
We will change your base/main class to another one, without losing noblesse, pvp/pk score...etc The old class skills will be removed and the new ones added. (Note this is not class stacking.)

Noblesse: EUR 25
Become noblesse without completing the required quest.

Thank you for your contribution

The L2Nothing Special Team


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